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Alan Dean Foster's Alien Gets Re-Release



On March 25th, 2014, Titan Books re-releases Alan Dean Foster's official novelization of the scifi horror classic Alien for the Kindle, with the novel following not far behind on April 25th (April 17th in the UK).

From the press release:
Since its release in May 1979 Alien has garnered iconic status, reaping critical acclaim as well as box office success, and this May marks its much-celebrated 35th anniversary. Seamlessly blending the interstellar science fiction with dark, moody horror, Alien: The Official Movie Novelization allows fans to rediscover the unparalleled exhilaration and sheer terror of the legendary film

Alan Dean Foster ghost-wrote the original Star Wars movie novel, and his novelization of Alien has been praised as the finest movie novelization ever written, setting the standard for those that followed.

As a fan of movie novelizations, this is one that I never had the chance to read. I'm going to have to change that come next month.








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