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Brielle and the Horror Now Available



Loaded Barrel Studios has announced the release of their long awaited second graphic novel, Brielle and the Horror.  Written by the Barel Brothers with artwork by Jared Barel, Brielle and the Horror follows Brielle Hicks, a sixteen-year-old who was born possessed by an evil demon.  As she becomes an adult, the beast within her is trying to claw its way to the surface.  Can she learn to control the Horror lurking inside her while dodging a secret agency and a group of fanatical priests?  Oh, and she should probably prevent Armageddon.  


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As with Grey, the first graphic novel from Loaded Barrel Studios, Brielle and the Horror is illustrated with a unique “live-action” style that comes from the creative team's backgrounds in film and photography.  Each panel is handled like a movie shoot and then put through a fusion of digital and traditional illustration, photo manipulation, and CGI.  It sounds a little strange at first (and I've seen some really bad examples of it), but these guys know what they're doing.  If this new comic is anything like Grey, it will include some top notch artwork.  

Brielle and the Horror is currently only available via Diamond Comic Distributors.  This means the only way to get your copy is to order it from a local comic book store.









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