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The fourth issue of indie publisher Joe Pezzula's Where the Witches Lurk is set to be released on February 11th.  As of now, it's planned as a six issue mini-series later collected into a trade.  This issue (as well as all previous ones) are currently available exclusively through Pezzula's site.  Check out a four page preview of the issue as well as full solicitation information below.


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Where the Witches Lurk #4
Available February 11th!
Young witch hunters Tina and Gina seek out the weaknesses of the Dark Witch using old texts and with the help of their new ally, Sarah, who decides to reveal one of her biggest secrets.

While the girls plan their attack, Officer Fordyce comes under a mysterious dark curse, which spells nothing but trouble for the inquisitive Deputy LaMontagne.

Exciting and dark occurrences are happening in Haslow Falls as the Dark Witch's power continues to grow! 

JOE PEZZULA - Creator/Writer
CHRIS MAN - Colors/Backgrounds
22 pages, $0.99 (Digital) -- Rated 13+

I've had some problems lately with digital first comics and price points but fortunately Where the Witches Lurk seems to be a lot of value for the right price.  Judging from the preview pages, these aren't the half-pages seen from some other digital first comics of late.  And in color no less!







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