If Rick Remender knows anything, it's good science fiction.  He's teamed up with frequent collaborator Greg Tocchini for Low, a new sci-fi comic coming your way later this year from Image Comics.  Set in the distant future, Low picks up as humanity has relocated to radiation-shielded cities below the sea.  When a probe returns with information on a possible new planet for humans, a few brave souls from warring clans head out to retrieve it from the uninhabitable wasteland of the surface.

Low explores what happens to groups of humans who are holding out hope for a solution when one is quite unlikely. It's an examination of how quickly our ideals shift when we're forced to make pragmatic choices for survival,” explained Remender. “But at its core is an examination of how one person's optimism in the face of all of this hopelessness can potentially change everything for the better.”


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“When Rick Remender asked me what I wanted to do for our new project, I made a drawing of an astronaut removing her space suit in a curved setting. And that was it,” said Tocchini. “Everything I wanted and the way I imagined it was in that drawing. And that was our first ‘Big Bang’. The look of the whole Low universe came from that drawing.”
Low sounds like a sci-fi book with a harsh reality to it, but there's also a glimmer of hope buried in there.  If these people can put aside their differences long enough to retrieve the information within the probe, they might not have to live like a poor version of Aquaman anymore.  

As with most of the Image Expo announcements, no set release date has been confirmed for the first issue of Low, but expect it later on in 2014.







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