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Fear of Clowns 2 Comes to Blu-ray




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On December 20th, 2013, Fear of Clowns 2 finally makes its way to Blu-ray. Fear of Clowns 2 is the sequel to the popular Lionsgate movie, Fear of Clowns, that was rented over 320,000 times in the first three months, generating over a million dollars in revenue in under 90 days. Returning for the sequel are Jacky Reres as Lynn Blodgett, Frank Lama as Detective Peters, and Mark Lassise as Shivers the Clown-the homicidal maniac with a battle axe and crooked smile. Joining those from the first are Johnny Alonso (One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek), cage-fighter-turned-actor Tom Proctor (Justified, Bounty, Texas Killing Fields) and WCW Wrestler Clarence McNatt.

In Fear of Clowns 2 the homicidal "Shivers the Clown" escapes from an institution and resumes his obsessed hunt for Lynn Blodgett, this time with two homicidal friends. But Detective Peters, the man who stopped him in the first film, is also back, and this time he's more interested in putting Shivers in the ground than behind bars.

Like the first, Fear of Clowns 2 was shot entirely in Maryland (Annapolis/Easton/Severna Park), and is the third feature from Maryland filmaker Kevin Kangas, writer/director of the award-winning Hunting Humans.

The Blu-ray is the first wide-release of the film and has been newly color-corrected, and also contains over four hours of never-before-seen extras including a making-of, outtakes and commentaries. It can be purchased at or at

As a fan of both the series and Kangas' other films, all I can say is that it's about time!






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