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Merle Returns to The Walking Dead

It was bound to happen eventually.  Fan favorite character, Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) made such a huge impact in the single episode of The Walking Dead back in the first season.  The guy hacked off his own hand to get away from a zombie horde after Rick and T-Dawg left him to die on the roof of a building.  Since then the question that everyone has asked was "When is Merle coming back?"

It looks like AMC has answered the question with the first official image of Merle from the upcoming season three (along with a few other new stills).  It's no secret that I've fallen out of love with The Walking Dead with the previous season.  It's been pretty disappointing but the inclusion of the character of Michonne, Merle's return, and not to mention the Governer (!!!) could be enough to win me back as a fan.



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AMC will have a season three preview weekend on beginning on July 7th, 2012.  The two day event will run all 19 episodes of the series in a marathon viewing leading up to a live primetime showing of The Talking Dead, followed by a special airing of the pilot in black and white.  

Are you psyched for Merle's return?  Will the Governor live up to the hype he's had in the comic?  How badass with Michonne be?




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