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Darkest Night Pictures

We have some pictures in from Darkest Night, which is currently in post-production and expected to be released later this year.

The film stars DJ Perry (The 8th Plague) and features Issa Litton, Nic Campos, Jill Palencia, Marife Necesito, Zeny Sevilla, Kevin Vitug and Jonas Gruet. According to the press release, almost all of the actors in the film are Filipino (which really makes not a difference in the world as long as the movie is good).

Darkest Night is a new type of horror film,” actor DJ Perry said. “I think that's what's causing so much of the anticipation among those horror fans and writers 'in the know.' Western horror films we've grown up with. Asian horror has been at the cutting edge for the last 20 years. In Darkest Night, east meets west to give a whole new perspective on what scares us the most.”

Told in the current style of "found footage", Darkest Night places Perry's character right in the middle of the action to allow western audiences to experience a “holiday” trip away from home. Eastern audiences will identify with the many vivid Asian characters, as well as the local and family setting. Perry's character in the film, Ken Tyler, is introduced to the traditional-minded family of his Filipino fiancé, Susan Reyes, played by Ms. Gauthier, during a Christmas Day family reunion. What follows is a dark, horrific trip not to be missed, as demonic forces slowly come into play. Darkest Night combines western demons with eastern spiritual traditions to come up with an original recipe for suspense and terror.

I can't wait to see the trailer for this. (Trailer link provided!) In the meantime, check out the pictures below.


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