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Scavenger Killers DVD Review

Written by ZigZag

DVD released by Midnight Releasing



Directed by Dylan Bank
Written by Ken Del Vecchio and Rachael Robbins
2013, Region 1, 102 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on July 1st, 2014

Robert Bogue as Judge Taylor Limone
Rachael Robbins as Clara
Ken Del Vecchio as Agent Truman
Eric Roberts as Agent Guthro
Charles Durning as Dylan Frier
Robert Loggia as Dr. Montgomery
Dustin Diamond as Agent Dewayne
Kim Allen as Agent Templeton
Suzi Lorraine as Sarah Ann Gore
Thea Vidale as Velma Rodriguez






Judge Taylor Limone has little time for shenanigans in his courtroom and is quick to give the offending party an earful when it comes to upholding the law. The most recent targets of his venom are defense attorney Clara Lovering and her client Ms. Sarah Ann Gore. Following the scolding, he releases her client on a technicality and court is adjourned, but not everything is as it seems when the three reunite later that evening for a king-sized three-way. This is just the beginning of several reversals, as Ms. Gore is murdered by her attorney and the judge, who is armed with a glass dildo. In a nice twist, the contemporary “Bonnie & Clyde” couple work from within the justice system and are in the middle of a crime spree that employs different methods of execution and their victims are randomly selected by occupation.

Agent Guthro leads the investigation of these crimes with the assistance of some eccentric helpers. The case is being worked from two angles, one involving a psychic named Dewayne, who works with an obese woman whose ample breasts he must massage while placing his fingers inside her mouth in order to make a psychic connection to the crimes. The other team is led by Agent Truman, a mute whose wooden legs keep him confined to a wheelchair. His partner Agent Templeton is an attractive woman who employees a unique form of “sign language” to interpret his findings and translate his frequently crude comments.

Anyone who happens to practice the occupation pulled from a bag by our psychotic heroes is a target. Despite his endless speeches, Limone does not limit the victim pool to criminals and therefore everything this megalomaniac asshole drones on about is pointless. Ultimately cops and killers are bound to overlap, but by the time they do the limited plot has more than overstayed its welcome. One murder set piece leads to another and the police are always trying to catch up, but the criminals are never in any real danger of being apprehended and the formula repeats mercilessly for more than 100 minutes, a real crime in the world of low-budget cinema.




Director Dylan Bank (Rock Story) stumbles through the material with his limited resources, as it appears the majority of the available dollars went into stunt casting rather than on the screen. Eric Roberts (Star 80) and Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell) pay the rent with their portrayals of Guthro and Dewayne respectively. Robert Loggia (Psycho II) and the late Charles Durning (When a Stranger Calls) should have known better than to waste their energy in this film, even in their limited roles as Dr. Montgomery and Dylan Frier. This is a picture more appropriate for the “talents” of Suzi Lorraine (Busty Cops) as the trashy defendant Sarah Ann Gore.

Robert Bogue (The Definite Maybe) never has to eat again after all the scenery chewing he pulls as the over-the-top psycho Judge Limone. He is best when restrained in his delivery, but Bank isn't giving him too much direction when it comes to subtlety. Rachael Robbins (Brutal Massacre) is equally tiresome as Clara Lovering, matching Bogue scene for scene in bad acting decisions. Robbins is twice as guilty however, as she had a hand in writing the screenplay, a sin she shares with Ken Del Vecchio (Captured Hearts) who also served as the film's producer in addition to playing Agent Truman, the most obnoxious character in the film, one that attempts (and fails) to deliver the comic relief in this turkey.

There are several fertile ideas buried within Scavenger Killers, but they are constantly hobbled by the shoddy script or confused direction. The energy spent on delivering shock value is commendable, but it quickly grows tedious as there is not enough talent behind the camera to pull it off. Everything looks cheap; even the best courtroom location is squandered by amateur lighting. Del Vecchio, a former judge and author of several legal guides (including the one given an absurd close-up in the opening scene), seems to be a decent guy in the supplemental featurette, but his talents as a filmmaker are not yet strong enough to claim the auteur title.




Video and Audio:


Scavenger Killers is presented in the original 1.85:1 aspect ratio and features a respectable transfer. Flesh tones are consistent and black levels remain solid while colors occasionally appear muddy.

A decent 5.1 surround mix is not necessarily the most robust audio you are likely to find, but it is still fairly respectable. English subtitles are provided for those in need.




Special Features:


Behind the (Crazy) Scenes (9 minutes) is a collection of bloopers and fun-filled moments captured on set between takes and is more entertaining than much of the actual film.

An overview of the numerous special make-up and visual effects from the picture are presented in How to get Killed in a Really Gory Horror Movie (13 minutes). Some of these shots are actually pretty creative and the inclusion of clips before and after the final mix is a nice addition.

Hoboken International Film Fest World Premiere (10 minutes) is as much a promo for the festival as it is for the film itself. Prominent faces in attendance include Senator Chuck Schumer, Charles Durning, Danny Aiello and Artie Lange. There are several clips of people raving about Scavenger Killers and festival director Ken Del Vecchio.

A collection of trailers for additional titles available from Midnight Releasing rounds out the special features on this disc, but does not include any spots for Scavenger Killers.






Movie: Grade Cover
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Features: Grade
Overall: Grade





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