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Odd Thomas Movie Review


Written by Jennifer Turner

Released by Image Entertainment



Directed by Stephen Sommers
Written by Stephen Sommers, based on the novel by Dean Koontz
2013, 100 minutes, Not Rated
Theatrical release on February 28th, 2014

Anton Yelchin as Odd
Addison Timlim as Stormy
Lenoer Varela as Odd’s Mother
Willem Dafoe as Chief Wyatt






I am sad to say that while I am a huge Dean Koontz fan, I never got around to reading the Odd Thomas series; therefore I am looking at this from a rather fresher perspective than someone who has read the books.

Odd Thomas centers on a kid who is literally named Odd. Unlike normal teenagers, Odd has the gift of seeing the dead and often attempts to help the ghosts so the souls can cross over. He also finds himself at the mercy of strange spirits known as the Bodads, whom Odd has to pretend not to see or else be annihilated by them.

This is a pretty decent movie. One of the main reasons of never reading the books were a complete lack of interest in the plot. The movie has made me change my mind and give the series a try.





I was very impressed by the CGI in the film, the Bodads most of all. It can be hard to potray monster spirits in a movie without coming off cheesy like a Syfy movie. I was also impressed to actually recognize and like the actors in the film. A majority of movies that I am assigned, I never recognize the actors, so it’s good to see some familiar faces. Anton Yelchin (Fright Night) for one, who plays the title role, and Willem Dafoe, whom you may recognize as Spiderman’s Green Goblin; the straight one, not James Franco’s character.

While mostly known for supporting roles, Yelchin has proven that he can pull off a feature role. His portrayal of Odd is endearing and his presence is probably one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie so much. Dafoe on the other hand is woefully underused, which is kind of disappointing since I can no longer see him as much since he filed the restraining order.

Another thing I loved about Odd Thomas is the sense of humor throughout the movie; I surprised myself buy laughing out loud at the numerous one liners. This production manages to skirt that fine line between being funny without sacrificing the horror aspect of the rest of the movie.

The ending while fast paced and exciting to watch, is a little annoying. For one, I guessed the finale pretty quickly, which I hate doing. And it also came off as rushed, with an obvious sequel hook dangling, stopping the film from what could have been a four star rating.






Movie: Grade Cover
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