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CREEPSHOW Blu-ray Review

Written by Sharon Davies

Blu-ray released by Second Sight Films



Directed by George. A. Romero
Written by Stephen King
1982, Region C, 120 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
Blu-ray released on 28th October 2013

Hal Halbrook as Henry Northup
Leslie Nielsen as Richard Vickers
Ed Harris as Hank Blaine
Ted Danson as Harry Wentworth
Stephen King as Jordy Verrill






What is the way to pretty much guarantee an awesome horror film? Well I’d say any film with George A Romero at the helm being fed pages of genius by Stephen King is a good start. Creepshow fuses an obvious love of fifties comics, good old fashioned horror movies and a dose of comedy to boot into 5 short but scary films:

Billy, a young boy and horror comic fan gets in trouble with his disapproving father when he catches him reading his new issue of horror comic, Creepshow. Sent to bed and cursing his father’s name, he soon hears a tap at the window and comes face to face with The Creep.

Father’s Day
7 years after Nathan Grantham was murdered by his long suffering daughter Bedelia, she and his relatives meet up for their annual dinner. When she drunkenly decides to visit her father’s grave she accidently resurrects her zombified patriarch whose maggot crusted body will stop at nothing to celebrate Father’s Day.


creepshow-01 creepshow-02

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
A hapless hick named Jordy (played brilliantly by Stephen King) stumbles across a meteorite in his back yard which he dreams of making his fortune on. Things don’t go according to plan for Jordy when the oozing green substance from the space rock starts to turn his body into something far more ghoulish. Stick around for its ending which makes me wonder if The Fly didn’t pinch some inspiration from it.

Something to Tide You Over
A jealous husband Richard (Leslie Nielsen) decides to exact a salty revenge on his wife Becky and her lover Harry (Ted Danson) by burying them under the sand on the beach and watching them drown as the tide draws in. Shame Richard doesn’t know what will soon come shuffling through his door. Remember people, "You can't kill someone if they're already dead!" - good tip.


creepshow-03 creepshow-04

The Crate
When you find an old and seemingly dangerous wooden crate, most people would leave well alone, however in this tale we discover that not all professors are that street smart. After uncovering a murderous beast within it, Professor Northrup decides that this monster could be put to good use, but ends with a sticky mess of his own.

They’re Creeping Up on You!
Upson Pratt is a ruthless man who curses the world from his sealed and germ free apartment. So what would be the worst thing that could happen to a man suffering from Mysophobia? Try hordes of stinking cockroaches which will swarm into every possible orifice.

The next morning, two binmen find Billy’s copy of Creepshow thrown away with the coupon for a Voodoo doll used. I wonder if Billy will get his revenge after all?


creepshow-05 creepshow-06

The thing about Creepshow that is bloody awesome isn’t just the clever writing of Mr King, or Romero’s dedication to carve colourful splats of comic horror onto the screen but its total originality and unapologetic direction. The casting is perfect, Tom Savini’s creatures and effects are practical perfection and the stories full-on old school horror.

Although this wasn’t an immediate hit back in 1982, it has now earned a cult following and love affair with horror fans. In fact I bet you, HorrorTalk reader, have without doubt seen some if not all of this film. For me it was like a rite of passage to experience Creepshow and it has some utterly unforgettable scenes.

With the release and renewing of this classic onto Blu-ray disc I give a cheer and get myself ready to be creeped out by the show. Bring it.


Video and Audio:

The film is intentionally made with dramatic colouring to embody the comic book feel and on Blu-ray this truly breathes life back into it. Although obviously dated, the quality of picture allows modern audiences to experience its qualities once again.

The audio is clear and with the eighties tag brings with it an electro / strings vibe. Damn all these memories make me want to grab my neon shell suit and book a perm. Curse you Creepshow!!!


Special Features:


  • Audio Commentary with director George A. Romero and special make-up effects creator Tom Savini
  • Audio Commentary with director of photography Michael Gornick, actor John Amplas, property master Bruce Alan Green and make-up effects assistant Darryl Ferrucci
  • Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow: A feature length documentary with cast and crew. This is a fantastic insight to the origins of the project with interviews from Romero, King and Savini.
  • Behind the Screams with Tom Savini. A look into the practical effects carved by Savini and his team.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • TV Spot, trailer and stills gallery.




Movie: fourstars creepshow-blu-small
Video: Grade
Audio: threeandahalfstars
Features: Grade
Overall: Grade






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