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Bleeding Through DVD Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

DVD released by Independent Entertainment



Written and directed by Henrique Couto
2012, Region 1 (NTSC), 84 Minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on January 22nd, 2013

Sandy Behre as Lindsey
Ruby Larocca as Katie
Henrique Couto as Brother





Bleeding Through has to be one of the most mind-numbing movies I have ever had the "privilege" of seeing. In fact, for the first hour I was trying to figure out how the movie even qualified as horror.

The film focuses on a depressed young girl named Lindsey whose parents have recently died in a car accident. Her brother wants her to move out of their family home and she is failing out of school. She is befriended by a girl named Katie, whom Lindsey begins to develop romantic feelings for. The friendship turns out to be a cruel prank causing Lindsey to try and take her own life.

Unfortunately, the film doesn't end there; Lindsey survives the suicide attempt and decides to exact revenge on all of her tormenters.

For the first hour of the film nothing happens. Lindsey mopes around and flashes back to memories of her parents, which are represented with shots from home movies.  There are a couple of musical montages that don't match the atmosphere and come off as forced. There are two random characters whose sole purpose is to harass Lindsey. They have no character development whatsoever, but for some reason they are still relevent to the plot.

After Lindsey's failed suicide, the movie does get semi-interesting. There are some great death scenes and some good special effects despite the movies low budget. But even those scenes are hard to watch due to a grating and repetitive soundtrack that actually drowns out the actor's dialogue.

Even if you could tolerate the plot, Bleeding Through is difficult on both the eyes and ears. The camera is constantly shaking and the actors are often inaudible. Part of the problem is due to an obnoxious soundtrack and also due to some of the actors mumbling their lines.

There is nothing wrong with being a low budget movie; there are some gems out there. Bleeding Through is anything but, though. It comes off as a student film desperate to be liked and failing at its task.



Video and Audio:


The video is shaky and gave me a headache the way the camera jerked around.

As I previously stated, the dialogue is inaudible at times and hard to understand. The soundtrack is obnoxious and hard to ignore.



Special Features:


There is a commentary of the movie featuring lead actress, Sandy Behre, and director, Henrique Couto. It was mildly interesting to hear how the movie came to see even if came off as rambling.

The deleted and extended scenes are pretty boring and might be more of interest to someone who liked the film.

There are a couple of featurettes, but they are pretty ho hum. Again it would be more interesting to fans of the film.









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