Latest Reviews

  • The Encounter

    Camping sucks. Read More
  • The Ladies of the House

    Because when you're killing men, it's important to be dolled up, right? Right? Read More
  • The Hellbound Heart

    Sure you're familiar with Pinhead and Hellraiser, but have you ever read Clive Barker's book that started it all? Giuseppe opens up The Hellbound Heart. Read More
  • Interview: Ales Kot

    James has a chat with the writer of Wolf, an upcoming crime noir horror fantasy, coming in July from Image Comics. Read More
  • Society

    Ever get the feeling you don't belong? Read More
  • Fox TV's Falling Skies Alien Feast

    Becky heads into downtown London for a very unusual feast. Read More
  • The Nightmare

    Zig wastes his time so you don't have to. Read More
  • Midnight Society: The Black Lake #1

    It's a rescue mission into Loch Ness, as the world's secret society of monster hunters springs into action. Read More
  • The Midnight Swim

    Just when you thought it was safe to go for a swim in the lake, it totally is and you'll be fine because NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS MOVIE. Read More
  • Interview: Scott Snyder

    James speaks with the writer of Wytches (and Batman) about the comic, the terrors of fatherhood, and Batman. Read More
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Latest News

  • Crawl or Die comes to Horror Channel +

    Oaklahoma Ward's alien shocker comes to UK TV. Read More
  • Frightfest Announces 2015 Opening and Closing Films +

    And they're not what anyone expected. Read More
  • Take a Bathroom Break with The Gallows +

    Yet another preview scene drops from the latest Blumhouse production The Gallows. Read More
  • Mayhem Presents a Human Centipede Triple Bill +

    All three films and a Q&A with director Tom Six and star Dieter Laser Read More
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