June 2014 Horror Block Review

Written by Steve Pattee

Developed by Horror Block



Release Monthly
Price $19.99 plus s/h
Available Worldwide



If you haven't yet heard of Horror Block, it's subscription-based company that sends you a box of mysteries each month. The cost is a very reasonable $19.99 a month (plus s/h), and you get more than your money's worth. I received my first package at the tail end of June and couldn't wait to get my dirty paws on what was in it, but due to some unforseen circumstances, I didn't get the time to crack it open until recently. It took a lot of restraint to not to open it as soon as it arrived, but knowing that I would be doing the reveal of it for HorrorTalk TV, I held back. That was a long month, I assure you.


So without further ado, check out the unboxing video to see what you're in store for when you subscribe to Horror Block!



As you can see from the video, there's some goodies to be had in a Horror Block, and it's well worth the money. Like I said, the shirt and the magazine alone covered the cost of the subscription. One thing I didn't mention in the video that should be address is the packaging. It's clearly important to have your goodies protected during shipping, and I was pleasently surprised on how well my Horror Block was packed. Everything made it intact and was nicely cushioned by the shirt.


If you are like me and love getting mystery packages in the mail, this one is a no brainer. You can subscribe to Horror Block by clicking the picture below. I highly recommend it.




Packaging: Grade
Value: Grade
Overall: Grade






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