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Of the films with an emphasis on 'fantastic' at this year's Frightfest, Milan Todorovic's Nymph must rank among the most unusual. The Serbian Zone of the Dead director has drawn on Greek mythology to create a film that sounds as unlikely as it is incredible. Going under one of three titles, Mamula (original), aka Nymph (current), aka Killer Mermaid (US release) is the story of a group of holiday-makers that stray into an abandoned military base on a remote island, only to meet a foe that you wouldn't normally associate with horror movies (the clue is in the US title).


Milan Todorovic, speaking of the film's selection for Frightfest, told us: "My little movie coming to Frightfest! Awesome!! I am a little bit scared of presenting the film at such an important genre festival, where the audience is used to top international standards and the high quality of the selection. I was so nervous when I sent the screener.

My great wish was to be at Frightfest, so the moment I had the final movie ready I sent it for consideration. I think they saw it even before our sales agents. I was totally on edge and I didn't expect a quick answer. Two hours later I got a reply that the movie was in selection! I was over the moon!

I hope the audience will like it. It is a movie from fans to fans of genre cinema. Beautiful locations, pretty women, macho guys, killer with an anchor, blood, gore, suspense... and in center of it all - legendary Franco Nero vs beautiful killer mermaid! Wait - now I want to watch it again!"


One thing is for sure, Nymph is going to be one to look out for at this year's festival. You can catch it across the Main Screens on Monday 25th August at 11.00, 13.30 and 15.30. Official synopsis and trailer below:



Kelly and Lucy are two young Americans on a break in Montenegro to meet up with their old college friend Alex. Joined by his fiancée Yasmin and pal Boban, they decide against all advice to visit an abandoned military fortress and one-time Nazi concentration camp on the remote island of Mamula. But what they discover there goes beyond all frightening insanity. For it's the home of a Siren, a mermaid creature of Greek myth, lying in wait to lure men to their death with her enchanting beauty, entrancing song and razor-sharp teeth. And there is also someone else on this island of terror, someone who will stop at nothing to protect its dark bloody secrets. Featuring Franco Nero, the original Italian DJANGO, as Niko, a fisherman with a haunted past and HALLOWEEN and PROXY star Kristine Klebe, this is a Serbian film from celebrated ZONE OF THE DEAD director Milan Todorovic.





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