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"Grimm Fairy Tales #97" Comic Review


Written by James Ferguson


Published by Zenescope




Written by Shane McKenzie
Illustrated by Antonio Bifulco
2014, 24 Pages
Comic released on May 7th, 2014




It's been awhile since I've lost any teeth, but from what I remember, you're supposed to put them under your pillow when you go to sleep.  When you wake up, the tooth will be replaced with some cash thanks to the Tooth Fairy, who was always portrayed like a frilly version of Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of OzGrimm Fairy Tales has a different approach to the character and it's terrifying.

The issue starts out with Dr. Gwen Dentin, a kind dentist by day and a bloodthirsty vigilante by night, killing people and feasting on their bones.  Not quite what you remember from your childhood, is it?  The story of the Tooth Fairy begins at birth.  Her father was from Myst, one of four mystical realms in the Grimm Universe, while her mother was from Earth.  This makes her a “Falseblood”, so she was born with special abilities.  In her case, she came out of the womb with a full set of teeth, eating her way out.  


Click images to enlarge


If that wasn't disturbing enough, Gwen has tried fighting the craving she feels for human bone.  This starvation causes her once beautiful wings to wilt and begins to affect those around her.  Her main subsistence is a child's first lost tooth, but consuming that will drive her into an insatiable hunger that can only be satisfied by human bones.  It's actually a pretty sad story when you get into it.  Gwen is trying to fight against the inner monster that is driving her to kill.  

In the buildup to the 100th issue of the title, the comics have been tagged with a banner reading “Age of Darkness.”  The forces of evil are setting up for something big and they're getting their armies in place.  The Tooth Fairy gets caught up in this recruitment drive as she's willing to trust anyone that appears to help her put a stop to this killing.  Of course, evil folks like the Dark Queen don't play by the same rules as most upstanding citizens.  

What immediately struck me about the Tooth Fairy was Antonio Bifulco's design for the character.  You get one half-glimpse of her as she would be described by a child, but for the most part, she's depicted as a deformed and deadly being.  Her outward appearance is human but her wings are hardened and bone-like.  She pulls them out to use as daggers, not unlike Marrow from the X-Men.  Her dress is tattered and covered in blood.  A necklace made of small bones hangs around her neck.  She wears a crown made of the lower jaw of a human skull.  Of course, since this is a Zenescope book, she has massive boobs that nearly pop out of her outfit.  That is actually the last thing I noticed though.  


Click images to enlarge


This is just how the Tooth Fairy starts.  After falling in with the wrong crowd, her eyes turn dark red and her jaw is savagely ripped open, exposing rows of razor sharp teeth.  Check out the cover by Giuseppe Cafaro for a great shot of the transformed version.  This was what made me want to read the issue in the first place.  That image is terrifying.

Grimm Fairy Tales is heading towards a large event and getting many pieces in place for it.  The Tooth Fairy is the latest player to enter the game and I'm very interested to see how she factors into things, considered her tortured past.  This kind of re-imagining of a classic character is what makes this title stand out.  I will never look at the dentist the same way again after reading this issue.  Brush your teeth, people!




Story: fourstars grimm-fairy-tales-97-cover
Overall: threestars






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